Digital Photography Tuition

Would you like to know more about digital photography ?

In conjunction with The IT Centre in Castle Douglas I am delivering classes on using your  digital camera. These classes are designed for beginners and will help you to get more from your digital camera. We look at the fundamentals of photography (ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed) and where it’s possible we look at how to change these settings on your own camera.

Deer photograph picture in picture improvement

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Common questions I receive from learners –

How Do I Get the Background Blurry?

How Do I Get the Background Sharp?

Why Are My Skies Not As Blue As I Remember It?

What is Depth of Field?

Why are my photos not in Focus?

What is ISO?

Join one of my classes at the IT Centre in Castle Douglas. The classes run for 4 consecutive weeks in 2 hour sessions – usually on a Monday and Wednesday evening. Only £50 per person for the short course.

Call:  01556 503167   to book your place

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